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Panther Period

Place Value

Number comes before and after
Write the name to number
Millionaire Place Value Game
Place Value Hockey
Pirate Place Value
Race Car Place Value
Football Place Value
Multiplication Grand Prix
Fuel The Brain
Fruit Shoot
Place Value-fun Brain
Value of the number for ipad
Rounding numbers soccer
Rounding Pirate Game
Odd or Even Coconuts
Numerator/Denominator video
Fractions Made Easy game Sheppard School
Fraction Matching Game Sheppard School
Weird Number video
Equivalent Fractions Khan Academy Video
Fraction Monkeys game
Fraction Pizza Game of toppings
Equivalent Fraction Bingo
Equivalent Fraction Song
Video Compare Fractions Butterfly Method
Game Compare Fractions
Math Playground Compare Fractions
Fraction Bingo
Fraction Games with compare and matching
Fruit Splat-Addition/Subtraction Fractions
Video Add/Subtraction Fractions with like denominators
Feed Me Fraction Adding Game
Fraction Fued
Mixed Numbers
Mixed to Improper and Improper to Mixed
Adding Mixed Numbers video
Subtract Mixed Numbers video
Telling Time Shepard Software
Robo Clock Elapsed Time
Match Time on clocks Turtle Diary
Quiz It Clocks
Math Nook Telling Time
Video Elapsed time using clocks
Elapsed Time Shepard Software
Elapsed Time Quiz
Math Nook Elapsed Time tools on line
Place Value video
Pac Man Elapse Time
Time for A Crime-Scholastic
Video Figuring out Elapse Time
Parallel, Perpendicular @ Intersection Lines video
Study Jam Classify Angles video
Brain Pop Classify Angles video
Line of Symmetry video
Line of symmetry dot game
Parallel Line shoot game
Right Angle Video
Angle song video
Dr. Seuss Angle song video
Classify Angles Tic Tac Toe
Measuring Angles
Alien Angle Game
Space Rocket protractor angle game
Measure Angles with a protractor
Kung Fu Measure Angles in circle degree
Perimeter Area Song
Perimeter Video
Area video
Math Mansions Area rectangle
Adam Ant Perimeter game
Fun Brain Area/Perimeter game
Shape Explorer Area/Perimeter
Math Playground Area/Perimeter
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Khan Academy
Khan Academy skill link for RIT
Front Row Math
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Spelling City

Spelling Pattern

Comic Building Scholastic
Peanuts Comic Strip
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