Dear Parents,
Welcome to a new school year. My name is Barb Lowe and I am you child’s fourth grade teacher. I am married to Tim Lowe and we have a daughter Laura. Laura will be a freshman at Alma College.
I have taught in Alma for 27 years. I taught fourth grade for 10 years at Highland Elementary before coming over to Pine Avenue. I graduated from Alma College and completed graduated work at Central Michigan University.
During this school year please. . .
  • Be involved and know what your child is studying.
  • Don’t “be a wonderer”.
  • Look for your child’s weekly evaluation on Friday. Sign it and return on Monday.
  • Understand that fourth graders do have homework, Monday-Thursday. It is due the next morning.
If you have questions please call me at home 463-6103 or school 463-3111 ext. 6502.
Thank you,
Barb Lowe